Digital Presence Program is a communications firm that specializes in digital media, including video-based presenting and selling, as well as media software training. 

Based in Los Angeles, California we service clients globally, helping professionals, organizations, and entrepreneurs  improve their digital technology and communication skill sets, so they can leverage the power of video, to maximize productivity, efficiency and profit.

Why the camera changes everything.

No Immediate Feedback

It offers no feedback, so there is no way to judge how the message is being received

Your Own Worst Critic

No one likes how they look or sound on camera, so there is an automatic aversion to the final product

Recorded for Prosperity

We want perfection because it is being recorded and will have a long shelf life

What is driving this video proliferation?

Video is Powerful & Personal

The medium itself is powerful and personal. Consider how much time you spend viewing videos today versus even five years ago. The age of YouTube has created an expectation that you can always watch rather than read.

Everyone wants to hear from the decision makers, the doers, the C-suite executives… and more and more often, that means speaking on camera.

Corporate Cultures are Making Room

Even corporate cultures are making room for video. Corporate YouTube and Vimeo channels, and myriad social media opportunities vie with webinars, video conferencing, and TED Talks for content.

Video chat applications have completely revamped the hiring process across all verticals.

Unprecedented Marketing Opportunities

For the marketing department, it’s a virtual video heaven with unprecedented avenues to get your message out there.

But what happens if your messenger is about as dynamic on camera as a ham sandwich?

How the Digital Presence Program can help!

Learning how to communicate through a camera is becoming an essential business skill. Yet, presenting via video combines two things most people hate: public speaking and being on camera.

The Digital Presence Program will provide the tools, techniques and insight into what works and what doesn’t work on camera. Best part, many of these tools and techniques can be used in any presentation or performance – whether you can look your audience in the eye or have to imagine them on the other side of a lens.