The Digital Presence Accelerator

The Digital Presence Accelerator is a 90-minute Online On-Camera Media Training Course. This course covers beginner, intermediate and even advanced tips for all aspects of being on camera related to public speaking, presentation skills, interviewing, communication skills and educator training best practices.

What is covered?

This course is designed for the busy individual who doesn’t have a lot of free time… you can get in and out in 60 – 90 minutes while learning the following:

  • Look your best on camera, confident and polished
  • Selling and presenting on video easily, without stress
  • Connect with your viewers – customers, employees, students, interviewers, fans and tribe members
  • Keep the camera from adding 10-15 pounds
  • Select flattering clothes
  • Master makeup essentials
  • Save massive time when recording your own videos
  • Master on-camera best practices

And, the best part, you will learn how to exude on-camera confidence making your digital presence felt so your ideas can be seen and heard!

Who is this for?

The Digital Presence Accelerator is about speaking on camera, not editing, writing content or creating special effects with video (that’s another class), and is perfect for any of the following:

  • Business professionals
  • Business owners
  • Executives
  • Content creators
  • Online course instructors
  • Video podcast hosts
  • YouTube or IGTV hosts
  • Political leaders
  • Community organizers

What resources are included?

Participants in the Digital Presence Accelerator will have access to the following key resources:

  • On-Camera Best Practices Quick Reference Guide – a step-by-step breakdown of the methods discussed during the course in one simple handout
  • Live Q&A Calls – an opportunity for live help and support
  • Filming Essentials Shopping List – a done-for-you shopping list of equipment needed to create your own at-home practice or content creation studio; embedded with hyperlinks to buy directly from Amazon with good, better, best options
  • Personalized Feedback – discussing strengths, weaknesses and next steps

What does it cost?

Your investment is USD $147.