Do you want to reach the hearts and minds of your customer, your employees, or just about anyone else who is watching your video?
Or is it time to start thinking about how to use video to scale your business?
Or maybe you have given a video presentation in the past and the only training received was a quick reminder to smile right before the red light goes on?

Hey, I know that being on camera isn’t always easy, in fact sometimes it can be soul destroying, frustrating and a lonely place especially without immediate feedback from an audience, that’s why working with a coach can help.

In a coaching capacity, I’ve worked with many business professionals in numerous countries to help them tackle the challenges that being on camera presents and I know I can help you be more successful, too!

What is coaching?

Whether you’re a business professional, entrepreneur or someone who is interested in improving their on-camera skills the purpose of having a coach is to help you by providing the tools and techniques necessary to deliver your message clearly, effectively and with confidence – it’s purely information transfer. The real learning is in the doing, and one-on-one coaching will provide ample opportunity to try out the techniques you have learned through specific exercises.  

Why coaching?

Practicing on-camera work can be a lonely, uncertain and frustrating task, having an on-camera coach gives you the support and toolkit necessary to move forward with your goals. Along with, a safe environment to explore new concepts.

How does it work?

 I have clients all over the world, so my coaching is usually done via the phone or video chat, but in person for select areas – Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and London. Virtual coaching sessions are a block of 6 x 1-hour sessions usually spread over 12-weeks where you speak with me at a prearranged time booked around both our busy schedules in advance.

 Does it work?

Yes, because the real learning is in the doing.

What does it cost?

Your investment is USD $1497 for a block of 6 in-person x 1-hour sessions, or USD $897 for a block of 6 virtual x 1-hour sessions. Check out the link below to convert to your local currency.

Coaching isn’t an aimless chat fest… like most things in life coaching only works if the person being coached follows through and implements the steps required.

If you think coaching might be for you contact me via email for a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss options.