The Digital Presence Workshop

The Digital Presence Workshop is a 4-hour intensive media training workshop covering every stage of the successful on-camera delivery – from initial preparation and wardrobe selection, to presentation and Q&A.

What is covered?

This course covers beginner, intermediate and even advanced tips for all aspects of being on camera related to public speaking, presentation skills, communication skills and educator training best practices.

And, most importantly, you will learn how to exude on-camera confidence making your digital presence felt so your ideas can be seen and heard!

Why this workshop?

There’s no escaping the fact that the ability to deliver content, or information, on camera has become an essential business skill, and the Digital Presence Workshop takes the mystery out of presenting on video and tells you what you need to know to appear confident, engaging, and in control in front of the camera.

Who is this for?

The Digital Presence Workshop is perfect for any of the following:

  • Business professionals
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Content creators
  • Online course instructors
  • Political leaders
  • Community organizers

Where are they held?

We have clients all over the world. Workshops are normally held at our client’s location or they can also be held at a central location of the client’s choice.

What does it cost?

Cost of the Digital Presence Workshop is based on the number of participants and location. If you think this workshop might be a good fit for your business, or organization, please contact us via email below to discuss options.